Daniel's Seventy Weeks


Since the invention of futurism in the 16th century, Daniel's prophecy of "Seventy Weeks" has been linked to a future Antichrist and a future Great Tribulation. The fact that both the Protestant harlot churches and the Hebrew Roots Movement embrace this heresy, proves the skill and efficiency of Jesuit infiltration. Christendom has been convinced, by and large, that the Papacy has nothing to do with an apostate entity generally known as "Antichrist" nor with the inception of the Holocaust.
Other than literal time scales, the chart employs the day-year principle, i.e. the historicist interpretation method. The traditional 3½ year ministry is assumed to be spurious, being the result of Rome’s insertion of John vi 4. 

Note: albeit a possible parousia in 2020 coheres with Scripture, a prophetic week represents seven years and points to 2026.