The main purpose of this site is to post images from my recent Middle East travels. The visits to biblical places have helped me to shape my understanding of the Jewish people, of Israel, and of Scripture. A close look at the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) shows that mainstream Christianity is largely unbiblical and that many of its beliefs and practices are rooted in Paganism and Gnosticism (e.g. Sunday worship, Easter, Christmas, the Trinity, etc.). The early Nazarenes had never heard of Yeshua being God incarnate or that the Torah had been abolished (just to give two examples) – Antichrist would only emerge centuries later. The original Nazarene faith, as it was practiced until about 120 C.E., can be condensed into two broad principles:

1.  Salvation through rebirth of water and Spirit (with the sign of tongues)

         Mark xvi, 17; Yochanan iii, 3–8; Acts ii, 4; x, 44–48; xix, 5–6.

2.  Sanctification through Torah-adherence (Sabbath, festivals, dietary laws, etc.)

         Mattityahu v, 17–19; Romans iii, 31; viii, 4; 1 Yochanan ii, 3–6.

Both these principles have been explained away by the mainstream Church, and this site will hopefully help to clear up some misunderstandings.


The true Mt. Sinai, Noah's Ark, the Red Sea Crossing Site, the Ashen Cities, and the Ark of the Covenant were discovered by the late Ron Wyatt, and various images are used courtesy of Kevin Fisher from
The website is under construction and more material will be available soon.