Rise and Fall of the Papacy


Considering the popularity of the pontiff, one might be tempted to conclude that the Pope is the head of a reputable Christian church. However, both the Bible and history negate this. The papacy’s 1260 year reign during which 50 million people were murdered can be found encoded in Scripture as "1260 days", "forty and two months", or "time, times and a half" (Rev. xi, 2–3; xii, 6, 14; xiii, 5; Dan. vii, 25).
Antityping Israel’s gradual enslavement to ancient Babylon, the oppression by the "Whore of Babylon" occurred in successive stages, reaching its height in the middle ages. Since the Peace of Ryswick in 1697, Rome's temporal power has waned, and today she is in her final throes.
The following chart shows the main timelines pertaining to the Papal Antichrist.