The Shoah in Scripture


Among unbelievers the Holocaust is widely used as evidence for God’s non-existence, after all if He existed, He would have intervened we are told. Believers, on the other hand, either don’t address the topic at all or they hesitantly admit that God allowed the Holocaust (for some inexplicable reason). Both views are the result of humanistic conditioning. While the secularist rejects God, the unregenerate believer incorporates humanistic ideas which are compatible to his "flesh". Put differently, modern man has created God in his own image, i.e. on his own terms and as a projection of his own alienated heart. If he can’t identify with God as revealed in Scripture, he rejects Him – fallen man has elevated himself to the judge of God.
This article will show that God not only allowed the Shoah (as if some external power had caused it) but that He ordained it. It was the climax of His wrath poured out upon His people – a tremendous national judgment for tremendous national crimes. The Diaspora culminating in the Holocaust was God’s vengeance on unrepentant idolatrous Israel and is a type of what awaits unrepentant idolatrous man after death: everlasting destruction through fire.